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Development of low cost rapid diagnostic tools for early stage cancer must be the greatest humanitarian challenge facing biosensor technology - and
one which has the potential for the greatest commercial return, significantly larger than the market for glucose sensors. #cancerdiagnostics

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“We spend most of our money in treating, rather than investing in diagnostics to know what we’re treating”

Professor Lord Ara Darzi, Imperial College London
Kings Fund report: The Future is Now (2015)

Are you developing biosensors for cancer diagnosis?
Do you think early diagnosis needs more recognition?
Would it help to know who else is working on this?
Do we need better early stage diagnostic tools?
Can improved diagnosis enhance cancer therapy?
Would you like to help shape diagnosis research direction globally?

If you identify with any or all of these questions, join the
Cancer Diagnosis Network
- on open innovation platform to facilitate and promote technology for the early stage diagnosis of cancer

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Individuals & Pre-revenue companies
Charities, SMEs, & universities

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