Åbo Akademi University
  Biskopsgatan 8 t: +35 822 154 418  
  Abo-Turku f: +35 822 154 479  
  20500 e:  
  Finland w:  
  Andrzej Lewenstam Professor  
1 Chemical Sensors 6 Clinical analysis
2 Biomedical sensors 7  
3 All-solid-state sensors 8  
4 Signal modelling 9  
5 Biomimetic materials 10  

In order to meet the challenges in the expanding field of process analytical chemistry and sensor technology and bridge the gap between industry and academia, the Faculty of Chemical Engineering at Åbo Akademi University has founded the Centre for Process Analytical Chemistry and Sensor Technology (ProSens).

Professor Andrzej Lewenstam is Full Professor at Abo Akademi University (Finland) and AGH University of Science and Technology (Poland). Since 1990 he is Director of ‘ProSens’. For 30 years he was working in industry (KONE Instruments, Finland and Thermo Fisher Scientific, USA) as R&D manager, head, and principle adviser. His research interests include electroanalytical chemistry, chemical sensors and biomimetic materials. Professor Lewenstam was born in Poland. He received his Ph.D. (1977) and D.Sc (1987) degree from the University of Warsaw.





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