Applied Nanodetectors Ltd
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  Dr. Victor Higgs Managing Director  
1 Chemical 6 Diagnostic
2 Biosensor 7 multiplex
3 Array 8 Gas
4 Platform 9 Manufacturing
5 Breath 10 Medical

Applied Nanodetectors was formed in 2004 and is a leading developer and supplier of nanosensor based solutions for environmental, healthcare and medical worldwide markets. AND has expertise in the development of sensor arrays for the medical and healthcare markets, and will work with new customers to understand their requirements and then design and manufacture a solution that will meet their market needs.

AND has developed a sensor array platform that can be configured and detect multiple species. This sensor array can be integrated with mainstream semiconductor processes and manufactured at high volume. These sensors arrays have all the attributes of nano technology based sensors, high sensitivity, small size and low power consumption. These arrays can be used for chemical, bio-sensors and gas sensors. They offer significant performance advantages for real time monitoring applications such as point of care diagnostics (POC) and the detection of VOCs in headspace analysis of biological specimens. One particular exciting application of these sensor arrays is breath analysis, a non-invasive process whereby small quantities of volatile organic compounds can be detected in human breath, and they can form a fingerprint that can be used for early disease detection and diagnosis.





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