Base Pair
  8058 El Rio St t: +1 713-202-5425  
  Houston f:    
  TX 77054 e:  
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  Lisa Thurston Director  
  Bill Jackson CSO  
1 aptamer 6 dtection
2 selection 7 binder
3 custom 8 antibody
4 reagent 9 DNA
5 analyte 10 target

Base Pair Biotechnologies offers its customers a total solution for developing novel aptamer-based technologies.  In addition to our numerous institutional customers, we support companies developing products ranging from:

  • basic research detection, to
  • clinical diagnostics, to
  • therapeutic lead development.

Our platform technology is a patent pending, multiplexed approach to aptamer discovery.  This allows us to offer de novo aptamer discovery services at unprecedented speed and throughput.  Our expertise in aptamer and related assay development allows us to support our customers in a wide range of novel applications. 

Besides our custom work we have hundreds of aptamers on hand with various degrees of prior validation For these aptamers we are seeking research partners for joint publication and “beta-testing” or they can be used for proof of principle experiments.  For a limited time, these aptamer materials can be provided “at cost” in exchange for allowing us to share some of the additional, application-specific validation data obtained, anonymously if preferred.

Scientists at Base Pair Biotechnologies have been studying aptamers and developing them on a research basis since 2004.





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