Bedfont Scientific Limited
  Station Road, Station Yard t: +44 (0) 1622 851122  
  Harrietsham f: +44 (0) 1622 854860  
  Maidstone e:  
  Kent ME17 1JA w:  
  Niki Carter International Marketing Manager  
1 Breath 6 Methane
2 Gas 7 Nitric Oxide
3 Monitoring 8 Fumigation
4 Carbon Monoxide 9 Exhaled
5 Hydrogen 10 Rspiratory

Established in 1976, Bedfont Scientific specialise in the manufacture of exhaled breath and gas monitoring instruments for worldwide medical, scientific and industrial markets. Applications include breath hydrogen and methane monitoring aiding the detection of gastrointestinal disorders, carbon monoxide monitors for use in smoking cessation programmes and by the emergency services for carbon monoxide poisoning; exhaled nitric oxide (ENO) detection to provide accurate analysis of airway inflammation and medical gas delivery system used in inhaled nitric oxide therapy for hypoxic neonates and pulmonary hypertension.  Bedfont also supply a range of portable gas monitors for testing and verification of piped medical gases.







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