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Highland Biosciences Ltd has developed novel diagnostic technologies to provide results conveniently at the point of need.
By investing in high volume manufacturing technology and processes, the company has proven processes capable of delivering millions of devices to distributors.
The test technology utilises printed electronics to fabricate electromechanical structures that sweep through the sample many thousands of times a second, probing the sample for microscopic changes in viscosity.
The company has two applications that are currently either being market tested or in clinical trials: a rapid endotoxin diagnostic, and a POC blood coagulation test.
The rapid endotoxin test uses an FDA approved LAL reagent and delivers quantitative results in a fraction of the time of a conventional test, using a fraction of the sample and reagent during the testing procedure.
The POC blood coagulation, or INR test delivers hospital lab quality results from a disposable test strip. The approach the technology runs a series of self-testing and self-calibration steps to maximise patient safety and test precision.
Other applications in development include infectious disease detection utilising immuno and nucleic acid tests, designed to operate with a rugged field testing instrument that has been developed for use in challenging outdoor conditions.




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