The Institute of Bio-Sensing Technology


  University of the West of England t: +44 (0) 117 3282472  
  Coldharbour Lane f: +44 (0) 117 3282904  
  Bristol e:  
  BS16 1QY w:  
  Richard Luxton Professor  
  Janice KIley Dr  
  Urszula Strzemiecka Ms  
1 Biosensors 6 Bio photonics
2 Magneto immunoassay 7 Bio luminescent bacteria
3 Electrochemical sensors 8 Cell sensing
4 Volatile sensing 9 Signal processing
5 Impedance spectroscopy 10 Photometric stereo

The Institute of Bio-Sensing Technology (IBST), based at the University of the West of England, Bristol, works with industry and researchers with the aim of creating multidisciplinary partnerships to develop novel bio-sensing technology.   The scope of the Institute is broad - ranging from the development of novel technology for detection and measurement of biological systems to the integration of biological systems into novel sensing technology.

With a large and diverse consortium of industrial and academic members to draw from, IBST is able to offer a wide range of partnering opportunities and opportunities to develop new research/development projects relating to bio-sensing systems. We can help you find partners to turn research into products or research collaborators to provide solutions to real-world problems. By consolidating talents and experience from across a range of subject areas we are able to respond to larger challenges presented by industry and public sector.



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