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1 allergy 6 atopic allergy
2 allergy testing 7 cat allergy
3 point-of-care diagnostic test 8 hayfever
4 home test 9 allergic rhinitis
5 food allergy 10 house dust mite

Imutest has developed and markets a range of point-of-care/self-test kits for allergy which cover the most common environmental and food allergens. These offer simple-to-do tests using a small finger prick sample of blood with results in 30 mins … results with Imutest correlate very well with results using the ‘gold-standard’ laboratory IgE method (Phadia’s ImmunoCAP).

When you know what is causing your allergy symptoms, you can then take the necessary steps (medication and/or avoidance measures) to reduce your exposure to the offending allergen.

Imutest allergy test kits have CE Mark approval for self-testing, so they can either be purchased by the patient for testing themselves in the privacy of their own home, or can be used by a healthcare professional (e.g. private doctor, retail pharmacist, nutritionist, homeopath, etc) as part of a service to the patient in a non-laboratory setting. Imutest kits offer the following features:

•  easy to perform
•  require just 50ul blood sample from finger prick
•  reliable results available within 30 mins
•  based on a patented technology

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