LamdaGen Corporation LamdaGen
  1455 Adams Dr t: +1 650 571 5870  
  Suite 1155 f:    
  Menlo Park e:  
  CA 94025 w:  
  Alice Huang VP  
1 Plasmonic Elisa 6 BioSensors
2 LSPR 7 NanoSensors
3 Localised Surface Plasmon Resonance 8 Wearable Tech
4 IVD Sensors    
5 Point of Care diagnostics    

LamdaGen has developed a digital LSPR nanotechnology detection platform that enables diagnostic sensitivities and precise quantitation at levels far beyond the expected. Our patented nano-structured Localized Surface Plasmon Resonance technology (LSPR nanotechnology) produces highly robust biosensors in the form of metallic thin films that exhibit remarkable diagnostic detection capabilities into the low to sub-femtomolar range.

LamdaGen Corporation is a private nano-based technology platform company who is the first to produce commercial LSPR (Localized Surface Plasmon Resonance) products. The products include highly sensitive biosensors for licensing to IVD and POC companies, LSPR-based analytical instruments for drug discovery/development, and a diverse range of optical biosensors for research.




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