MIP Diagnostic Limited
  Fielding Johnson Building t: +44 (0)843 289 1703  
  University Road f:    
  Leicester e:  
  Leicestershire LE1 7RH w:  
  Dr. Adrian Kinkaid Chief Executive Officer  
  Francesco Canfarotta Senior Scientist  
1 Molecularly imprinted polymers 6 Sensors
2 Nanoparticles 7 Assays
3 Nanotechnology 8 Separation
4 Plastic antibody 9 Environmental monitoring
5 Diagnostics 10 Aptamer
  MIP Diagnostics is the leader in the manufacture of Molecularly Imprinted Polymer nanoparticles (nanoMIPs) by solid-phase imprinting. NanoMIPs, sometimes called "plastic antibodies", are nanostructured polymer particles containing a binding site for their target molecule and capable of selectively recognising the said target. Thanks to their small size and the possibility to tailor their surface chemistry, nanoMIPs are soluble and can be easily integrated in sensors. Furthermore, their robust nature (being plastics) allows them to be used in harsh chemical environments, such as extremes of pH, seawater or high concentrations of organic solvents. NanoMIPs specific for all major target classes (from small molecules, such as drugs or pesticides, to peptides and proteins) have been developed and used as diagnostic tools both in sensors and assays. Using our proprietary solid-phase approach which circumvents the drawbacks of traditional manufacturing methods, MIP Diagnostics can provide a bespoke and proven nanoMIP within as little as two weeks from receiving the target, without any requirement for animal tesitng. In addition, MIP Diagnostics provides other MIP formats, such as cartridges, microparticles or films for separation and sensor applications.




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