Microvisk Technologies
  Innovation House t: +44 (0) 845 956 9900  
  Unit 4, St Asaph Business Park f: +44 (0) 845 956 9901  
  St Asaph e:  
  Denbighshire LL17 0)LJ w:  
  John Curtis Chief Executive Officer  
  Emma Keefe Administrator  
  Margaret Henry PR Consultant  
1 Point of care 6 diagnostics
2 Blood monitoring 7 MEMs
3 Blood clots 8 Blood test
4 Warfarin 9 Home test
5 sensor    

Founded in 2004, Microvisk Ltd is a UK based company developing medical testing devices based on Micro Electro Mechanical Sensors for the international medical market.
Many people suffer from coagulation (blood clotting) disorders and the Microvisk technology is designed to enable patients and clinicians to monitor blood clotting ability and assist in the correct dosage of anti-coagulation medication such as Warfarin.
Microvisk’s first product, the SmartStrip®, will be available as a point-of-care and home use test. The device will conduct the internationally recognised Prothrombin Time or INR test by using a drop of the patient’s whole blood taken by a finger prick. The device is simple to use with a large display and buttons, and is sized to be discreet.
Microvisk's technology works using a different approach to the other devices and tests currently on the market, which use optical analysis or chemical reactions. Microvisk uses Micro Electro Mechanical Sensors (MEMS) on a disposable strip which incorporates a small cantilever to measure viscosity. The devices can test a small volume of whole blood making the test less intrusive and effectively removing the need for a laboratory.





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