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  Tom Pietrykowski PID Product Manager  
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1 Photoinonization Detectors 6 TVOC Measurement
2 PID 7 Environmental Monitors
3 VOCs 8 Air Quality Monitoring
4 Toxic Gas Sensors 9 Benzene
5 VOC Gas Sensors 10 Fence Line Monitoring

MOCON, Inc. - Baseline manufactures a complete line of OEM photoionization (PID) sensors for VOC analysis. Our patented, award-winning piD-TECH® eVx® plug-in sensor provides complete photoionization detection capabilities and is designed to be mechanically similar with major brands of electrochemical sensors using the 4P cell platform. Outstanding features make the piD-TECH line of sensors the right choice for OEM manufacturers looking to include VOC detection capabilities in their handheld, mobile, or fixed devices.

Offering better value and design flexibility for OEM markets, and incorporating state of the art technology that cannot be matched in the marketplace, the piD-TECH eVx detection capabilities and minimum detection quantity (MDQ) come in eight ranges depending upon lamp energy and application requirements.


Designed for use in intrinsically safe circuits: UL, CAN/CSA, ATEX, IECEx certified
Bullet Integral shielding
Bullet 4P cell platform compatible
Bullet Lamp re-Ignition circuit for fast, repeatable, and dependable startup
Bullet Reliable long lamp life: guaranteed 6,000 continuous hours
Bullet Internal, input voltage regulation for greater signal stability
Bullet Dual filter technology protects from aerosols and particulates
Bullet Negligible temperature response
Bullet Guard electrode curtails humidity effects
Bullet Rapid response & greater baseline stability

Our dedicated sensor engineers will assist you in integrating our intrinsically safe PID sensor into your products.  




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