Naval Research Laboratory
Centre for Bio/Molecular Science & Engineering
  Code 6900 t: +1 202 404 6002  
  4555 Overlook Avenue SW f: +1 202 404 8897  
  Washington DC e:  
  20375 - 5348 w:  
  Frances Ligler Senior Scientist  
  Anne Kusterbeck Deputy Division Head  
  David Stenger Branch Head  
  George Anderson Scientist  
  Igor Medinitz Scientist  
1 Biosensor 6 Optical biosensor
2 Immunosensor 7 Microfluidics
3 System integration 8 Applications development
4 Microflow cytometry 9 Microarrays (antibody and resequencing)
5 Quantum dots 10 Intracellular Assays

R&D:  NRL is a working capital organization.  Scientists and engineers are funded entirely on research grants and contracts.  NRL performs R&D of use to the Navy, the Department of Defense and the Nation.  NRL has invented and commercialized sensors of all types.  The Center for Bio/Molecular Science and Engineering (CBMSE) has invented at least 12 optical biosensors that have been produced commercially and is well known for taking an original concept through prototype development and testing at the point of use to a product.  An entire company has evolved around the NRL lab-based resequencing technology for multiplexed pathogen identification (FDA approval pending).  CBMSE staff routinely collaborate with other investigators in universities, industry and other federal laboratories. The expertise is cross-disciplinary, and the culture is entrepreneurial.





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