Newcastle University
  Diagnostic and Therapeutic Technologies
Institute of Cellular Medicine
t: +44 191 222 6000  
  The Medical School f:    
  Newcastle upon Tyne NE2 4HH e:    
  UK w:  
  Prof Calum McNeil Professor of Biologocal Sensor Systems  
  Dr. Philip Manning Lecturer in Diagnostic and Therapeutic Technologies  
  Dr. Neil Keegan Sensior Research Associate  
1 Electrochemical sensors 6 Graphene
2 MEMS sensors 7 Optical nanosensors
3 Clinical diagnostics    
4 Immunosensors    
5 Free radical metabolism    

Design and development of highly specific 'bioelectronic' interfaces between inorganic surfaces and biological species (antibodies, microbial cells, enzymes and redox proteins). This work has led to the production of a number of electrochemical and microelectromechanical (MEMS) sensor systems capable of the direct, rapid measurement of biological and chemical species in complex matrices. The current work being carried out by Diagnostic and Therapeutic Technologies can be broadly defined in three inter-related, multi-disciplinary areas. These are:

1. Development of biological, microbial or chemical sensors based on microelectromechanical systems (bio-MEMS).

2. Development of generic, near-patient technology platforms for rapid, quantitative immunometric measurement of biochemical markers of disease

3. Development of multi-analyte sensor array platforms for direct, simultaneous intra- and extra-cellular monitoring of reactive oxygen species in vitro in cells in culture. .







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