Seattle Sensor Systems Corporation t: +1 206 349 0907  
  1017 N 31st Street f:    
  Seattle e:  
  WA 98056 w:  
  Tom Skillman CEO & President  
  Steve Dearden VP Marketing & Sales  
1 Biosensors 6 SPR
2 Surface plasmon resonance 7 Portable SPR
3 Food safety 8 Biohazard
4 Ppathogen 9 Allergen
5 Toxin 10 Molecular detection

Seattle Sensors is focused on bringing to market the use of portable Surface Plasmon Resonance (SPR) technology. Portable SPR instruments enable improved detection of molecular compounds, viruses, microbes and spores. We are committed to food safety, and are bringing cutting edge science together with low-cost rapid testing protocols to provide sensitive, specific, detection and identification of pathogens, allergens and toxins in food. Our initial market focus is in accelerated detection of harmful seafood contaminants, with several projects already underway at University of Maine, NOAA, MBARI  and a number of other independent institutions.




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