University of Bath
Bath Biosensor Network
  c/o Dr. Pedro Estrela t: +44 1225 386324  
  Department of Electronic and Electrical Engineering f:    
  Claverton Down e:  
  Bath BA2 7AY w:  
  United KIngdon      
  Dr. Pedro Estrela  
  Prof. Chris Frost  
  Dr. Mirella Di Lorenzo  
1 Biosensors 6 Single molecule transducers
2 Biochips 7 Bio-films
3 Electrochemical sensors 8 Nanobiosensors
4 Semiconductor-based biosensors 9 Bioavailable materials
5 Photonic and Photoelectronic biosensors 10 Microfluidics

The University of Bath conducts internationally leading research on different aspects of biosensor development and applications: from sensor and instrumentation development to signal processing; from integration of biology with devices to study of biomolecular interactions. Application areas are as diverse as bio-medical, pharmaceutical, industrial, environmental, food, defence, and sports.

The Bath Biosensor Network is a collaborative University-wide multidisciplinary support network that capitalises on the diversity of the excellent biosensor-related research in Bath. It promotes interdisciplinary collaborations as well as the sharing of ideas and facilities across departments. The Network combines expertise from researchers from diverse disciplines.
A wide and diverse range of facilities is available at the University of Bath including: small-angle X-Ray scattering, NMR, Mass spectrometry, Brewster-angle microscopy, plate-reading fluorescence spectrometer, flow cytometer, epi-fluorescence microscope; Surface Plasmon Resonance, Surface Plasmon Field Enhanced Fluorescence, FRET; class 100 clean room for semiconductor-based sensor fabrication, micro and nano processing; optoelectronics characterisation laboratory; IC design software, state-of-the-art device test facilities, poling and piezoelectric device manufacture, surface profilometry, microstructural characterisation; Atomic Force Microscopy, Scanning Tunnelling Microscopy, Transmission Electron Microscopy.





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