Uniscan Instruments Ltd. uniscan
  Sigma House t: +44 (0) 1298 70981  
  Burlow Road f: +44 (0) 1298 70886  
  Buxton e:  
  Derbyshire SK17 9JB w:  
  Dr. Graham Johnson Managing Director  
  Mr. Mike Dawson Sales & Marketing Manager  
  Mr. John Griffiths Technical Director  
1 electrochemistry 6 instrument
2 potentiostat 7 chemical sensor
3 portable potentiostats 8 scanning probe
4 biosensor 9 SECM
5 sensor 10 impedance

Uniscan Instruments has rapidly grown into a world leader for successfully developing innovative measuring instruments for electrochemistry and surface metrology applications with a particular focus on bio and chemosensors. The Company has extensive resource and expertise in micro-controller engineering, and knowledge of design of novel low noise voltage and current measurement systems applied to the development of small, powerful portable potentiostats and impedance analysers. Uniscan’s development team has several decades of experience in electrochemistry software and firmware programming and is continually developing the Company’s full suite of electrochemical analysis techniques, targeted primarily and electrochemical sensor research. The project team at Uniscan has several decades research and development experience, and has successfully participated in 3 UK DTI SMART projects (winning a SMART achievement award in 2000 in recognition of the Company’s successful commercial exploitation of a product which was developed under the UK DTI SMART Award), as well as Framework 5,6 and 7 European collaborative Research and Development Projects.  Uniscan has recently participated in the start up of a joint venture company to exploit the work undertaken in the Framework 6 STREP “ELISHA” which will commercialise portable immunosensor devices developed within the project.




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