Vantix Ltd
  Unit 4, Abbey Barns t: +44 (0) 01799 533 160  
  Duxford Road f:    
  Ickleton e:  
  Cambridge CB10 1SX w:  
  Andy Glover Chief Operating Officer  
  Peter Swarbrick Product Manager  
  Duncan Purvis Chief Scientific Officer  
1 Biosensor 6 Point-of-use
2 Sensitive 7 Vantix
3 Fast 8 PathGenFinder
4 Versatile 9 Pathogen
5 Point-of-care 10 DNA

Vantix, formerly Universal Sensors, designs and manufactures biosensors that are sensitive, fast and versatile.

Its unique biosensor technology works with existing immuno, enzyme and DNA tests and it allows tests that traditionally take several hours of laboratory time to be performed in minutes.
The universal biosensor platform technology, called Vantix™, can be adapted for applications in a range of sectors including medical, veterinary and environmental.
Vantix™ opens up a new market opportunity for assay developers. It offers, for example, the potential for mobile screening of infectious diseases, or for enabling a vet or GP to perform a battery of tests in the surgery quickly and safely.

Sensitive, fast and versatile – moving tests out of the laboratory.

Vantix Ltd is a Sensortec company.





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