Inscentinel Ltd.

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  Mathilde Briens R & D Manager  
  Stephen James Director  
  David Grant R&D Scientist  
  Harry Townsend Business Development  
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2 Biosensors    
3 Sniffer bees    
4 Honeybees    
5 Gas sensors    

Inscentinel ltd is developing a vapour sensor technology based on the ability of honeybees to detect trace levels of vapour after only a few hours training. The sensor is packaged as a hand-held portable “black box”. It is inexpensive and provides well-defined read-outs that can be saved directly on a lap-top. Inscentinel offers a cheap, reliable and extremely sensitive (detection limit of parts per trillion) vapour biosensor for a variety of applications. Our company has worked in the biosensor field for over 5 years and is developing a system which can be used by any operator, no insect expertise required. Because honeybees can be trained to detect almost any desired odour, our sensor can be used for multiple applications: food monitoring (detection of contaminants and taints), security (drug and explosive detection), medicine (disease diagnosis) and many other areas. Our technology is cheap, simple and sensitive and allows detection of multiple compounds in the same sample of air. It is also easy to retarget, retraining of the system can be carried out in hours, a significant improvement over other vapour detection systems.


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