14 About: SCIENIONAG Sector: All, Life Science Founded: 2001 Location: Berlin, Germany SCIENION AG, a German biotechnology company created in 2001, is the leading manufacturer of robust, high performance dispensing automation for applications requiring precise deposition of biological content in ultra-low volumes. Our non- contact technology is ideally suited for loading of oligonucleotides, proteins, antibodies, and glycans onto diagnostics devices. Enabled by very flexible software, our systems are used from early R&D activities, all the way through to manufacturing millions of devices per year. Easy scale up is facilitated by the fact that the same core technologies are engineered into all of our systems. We also offer a line of readers, optimized for quantitative array reading on both slides and microtiter plates. Available in colorimetric and fluorescence, these readers are designed with the goal to surpass all pre-existing commercial readers and become the industry standard for assay kits in central labs. Contact: Andrew Sweet, ( ) Sales Manager UK & Ireland Paulina Gozdzialska ( ) VP Sales & Marketing Company address: Volmerstrasse 7b, 12489, Berlin, Germany Tel. +49 (0)30 6392 1700 or Email: