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April 2017


From the Editor

It has not infequently been pointed out to me that my editorials

tend to reflect the glass half empty mentality, with IT, the weather,

and how much work


is, all being common grouses. This

month is different, we have some good news.


has been awarded the bronze medal for science in the

eLit 2017 competition. eLit awards recognise electronic book

publications in a wide range of categories, and I am told the com-

petition is fierce. Many people tell me they read



cover to cover each month, and I always like to hear that our efforts

are appreciated by our readers. But getting third prize in an inter-

national competition adds an edge. Thanks to all the people who

contribute articles and who help with the production.

One final word of apology regarding our conference dates. We

work quite hard on finding really good speakers, and sometimes

there are date conficts to resolve to get the people we want. For

that reason we have moved SiE 17 to 20 - 21 June, and we still

haven’t finalised the date for SiM17; we’ll announced the confirmed

dates as soon as possible.

Kind regards