SensNews Jul 2018

19 Sensor100 July 2018 Technology A molecular braid An international team of chemists have come up with a new way of mechanically linking two large molecules.This forms part of the discipline known as supramolecular chemistry, where large molecules can be assembled in unusual ways to make ‘molec- ular machines’. “The challenge of assembling organic rings around carbon nanotubes (and proving it!) has been lots of fun”, say authors Emilio and Dirk.“Surely the most exciting thing is that, once we have developed chemical tools to combine molecular fragments and carbon nanotubes through mechanical links, we (and others) can address many different interesting questions: from very fundamental problems, like controlled (sub)molecular motion across very long distances, to more applied issues like making chemical sensors.” Published in Chemical Science 19 July Down load the Guide from Technology Networks 18 July