SensNews Jul 2018

Sensor100 July 2018 4 From the Editor... The first half of 2018 has, to say the least, had its ups and downs, which ac- counts for the rather erratic appearance of this newsletter. We are working hard to bring it back to being a more reliable publication, so please bear with us, while we try to get it sorted over the summer. Sensors in Food and Agriculture 2018 was a very successful event, held on 18- 19 July at the John Innes Centre in Norwich A full report next month. Some of the downsides: • We all recall GDPR coming into effect last May. We tried to simply the process - but one unhelpful soul emailed me to say what we were doing was illegal. It probably wasn’t, but GDPR is going to make our lives more complicated. • In June we received an unexpected letter from the company which manag- es our office building to say they were closing on September 5th, and we would need to vacate the building by then. We haven’t figured out what to do, but for the moment, we will try living a virtual, cloud based existence. • We need to get Sensor100 on a more regular, and higher, income, and floated the idea of sponsorhip to eliminate subscriptions. Neither concepts gained much traction, and we really don’t want Sensor100 to be other than a free publication. Our final attempt is to persuade companies to take an- nual advertisements - more later. • For those of you aware of my ongoing health problems, thanks for your concern - I do seem to be slowly improving. What I imagined would be a 10 day course of antibiotics, has dragged into a nine month “Spell” as the NHS terms treatment episodes. Touch wood, the worst is over, barring more unexpected side effects. • The most serious issue is that the barman in the pub where I eat lunch most Saturdays has quit. I s it worth breaking in a replacement, or easier to switch pubs? A serious issue demanding mature thought. • The hot weather on this un-aircondit i oned side of the Atlantic hsn’t helped much either. Kind regards Michael Brand