SensNews Dec 2018

21 Sensor100 December 2018 Review: Electrically-Transduced Chemical Sensors Based onTwo-Dimensional Nano- materials Electrically–transduced sensors, with their sim- plicity and compatibility with standard electro- nic technologies, pro- duce signals that can be efficiently acquired, processed, stored, and analyzed.Two dimensio- nal (2D) nanomaterials, including graphene, phosphorene (BP), transition metal dichalcogenides (TMDCs), and others, have proven to be attractive for the fabrication of high– performance electrically-transduced chemical sensors due to their remarkable electronic and physical properties originating from their 2D structure.This review highlights the advances in electri- cally-transduced chemical sensing that rely on 2D materials. ACS Chem Review This article is taken from a special edition of ACS Chemical Reviews «Chemical Sensors» to be published on 09 Jan 2019