SensNews Dec 2018

Sensor100 December 2018 4 From the Editor... In many ways 2018 has been an interesting year for the sensor com- munity. Point-of-Care diagnostics have progressed from being a nice idea to actually appearing in the clinic and at patient’s side. There has been interest too in developing this technology for use in re- source deprived regions, where low cost and low tech are priorities; an important humanitarian application. Interest in cancer diagnosis has increased this year, with several attempts at multiple diagnostic platforms. What hasn’t fared so well is the wearable market, with several lead- ing players needing to rethink their strategy, as consumer interest in monitoring everything declines. Politically, both sides of the Atlantic end the year in a shambles. The US government is shut down, over funding theWALL on the Mexi- can border - a border dispute perhaps? In the UK we are no nearer exiting the EU than this time last year. Parliament and the country are divided, not necessarily equally or in the same ratio, among the deal on the table, no deal, or no exit. Time will tell, no doubt. Meanwhile a new round of conferences in 2019 awaits, with the Consumer Electronics Show in January, always a fruitful source of new ideas. Happy NewYear Kind regards Michael Brand