SensNews November 2018

27 Sensor100 November 2018 Technology Archer Enters MTA with German Biotechnolo- gy Company In October 2018,Archer (Australia) announced that it has entered into a legally binding Material Transfer Agreement (“MTA”) with a leading German biotechnol- ogy company, regarding Archer’s graphene-based biosensor development activities with The University of Adelaide ARC Graphene Hub. Photonic ICs to Drastically Reduce Cost of Chemical Sensors Leti, a research institute of CEATech, announced the launch of the REDFINCH consortium to develop the next generation of miniaturized, portable optical sen- sors for chemical detection in both gases and liquids. Initial target applications are in the petrochemical and dairy industries. The consortium of eight European research institutes and companies will focus on developing novel, high-performance, cost-effective chemical sensors, based on mid-infrared photonic integrated circuits (MIR PICs). Silicon PICs — integrating optical circuits onto millimeter-size silicon chips — create extremely robust min- iature systems, in which discrete components are replaced by on-chip equivalents. This makes them easier to use and re- duce their cost dramatically, expected at least by a factor 10. Press Release LETI CEATech Sept13