SensNews November 2018

Sensor100 November 2018 4 From the Editor... We are rapidly approaching the end of 2018, when news items and conferences die down. We are planning at least two conferences in 2019 - Sensors in Medicine and Sensors in Food and Agriculture. Advanced information on SiM19 is included inside. You haven’t heard from us in a while - for IT related issues discussed on the following page. Be assured we are alive and well, and hope- fully the health problems which laid me low for much of 2018 are now behind me. The big topic, at least in the UK, is Brexit. A plan for the UK with- drawal has been agreed by the EU, but not by the UK parliament. It is difficult to say how all of this will work itself out. Whatever the outcome, the UKTreasury and the Bank of England forecast we will be economically worse off, to obtain a modest political gain. Before the Referendum, an elderly lady gained some notoriety with the view “I want my country back”. She will be disappointed - the pro- posed deal leaves the UK still closely tied to the EU. The implica- tions for business and the academic community remain to be seen. Kind regards Michael Brand