SensNews Sept 2020

29 Sensor100 September 2020 The LastWord A few years ago,The LastWord was a regular feature of Sensor100 which included bizarre, off-topic and other amusing items which didn't fit anywhere else. The pandemic lockdown provides an opportunity to re-introduce this feature from time to time. Undesirable Consequence of Covid-19 Anyone who has been fortunate enough to visit Oktoberfest in Munich, will share in the sad reality that this joyous event has been if not cancelled then at least significanly scaled back. Innkeepers in Munich tapped their barrels on Saturday for revellers determined to make the most of a scaled-down Oktoberfest after the world’s biggest beer festival was cancelled because of the coronavirus pandemic. “It is a great alternative because at last we can celebrate the Oktoberfest a bit. It’s not the same as usual, but still,” said Christine Bachmeier, smiling at a table laden with litre glasses of beer at the famous Hofbraeuhaus. However, it is a far cry from the six million visitors from all over the world who usually flock to the Bavarian capital to squeeze into tents with long wooden tables and bench- es to swig beer and sing and sway to catchy oompah band tunes. Some events don't have a virtual equivalent! Reuters September 19