SensNews Jan 22

Page 4 Page 5 The Sensor100 Network Coming Soon... 2022 will see the most significant change in the Sensor100 network since our first emailed Newsletter in 2006 - we will launch an on-line platform to manage the network. The Sensor100 Network Platform will allow: ƒ Editing your own profile for companies and individuals ƒ Direct connection with individuals and groups ƒ Posting of news announcements, videos, webinars, jobs ƒ Management of events, conferences, training courses ƒ And much more... Network Membership Current subscribers will be invited to join the network. Discounts for participation in S100 events Annual membership fees for 2022: Organisations: £100+VAT - Individuals £50+VAT Sponsorship opportunities exist Watch this Space... From the Editor... Welcome to 2022 and if it is not too late to say so, Happy NewYear. For many of us, 2021 was a difficult year as a result of the Covid19 pandemic, which restricted activities and face to face meetings. At Sensor100 we ran two virtual conferences, the Cancer Diagnostic Technology Summit and Sensors in Medicine 2021. We have become convinced of the benefits of virtual conferences, despite the current trend to return to live events. The advantages we see are much larg- er audiences, perhaps as a result of reduced prices and elimination of travel costs.The overwhelming advantage is that we can attract worldwide eminent speakers and did so very effectively at our two events. We will repeat CDTS22 and SiM22 as virtual events this year. Over the years we have built a modestly large mailing list, about half of which being actively involved, and the other half occasional- ly so. We are planning a big change in how Sensor100 operates in 2022. Instead of us talking to you monthly (well, sporadically at least) Sensor100 will become a membership network in which you will have the facility to post your own news and talk to each other. More details inside. We expect to go live in February/March this year. Among the changes we plan to make are more conferences/webi- nars and also to introduce some training sessions. As a trial we have included one here onValuing Technology, an on-line version of a live MasterClass offered pre-lockdown by Sensor100’s parent company, Captum. If you are a start-up or needing to consider whether to invest in developing a new technology, this MasterClass is for you. Best wishes for 2022 Michael Brand