SensNews Jan 22

Page 8 Page 9 In the process of developing new technology for commercialisation there inevitably will arise the need to assign a value to the technolo- gy.This may be to assess whether the development is worth pursuing, or more commonly, as a pre-requisite to raising funds. This MasterClass provides an accessible introduction with minimal maths to the five most widely used methods to assign value to tech- nology: ƒ Score card methods ƒ Comparison values ƒ Cost values ƒ Risk-adjusted Net present Value ƒ Real Option valuation No previous knowledge of valuation methods is assumed, but famili- arity with Microsoft Excel spreadsheets is helpful. Attendees at the MasterClass learn how each of these methods is applied by different investors at different stages of technology devel- opment. Copies of models used in the MasterClass are made availa- ble to attendees after the event. Details and Registration 7 - 8 June 2022 Program and Registration Swiss Sweat Science and Technology Symposium (3STS) hosted by: Lausanne University Hospital, Switzerland