SensNews Apr 2019

23 Sensor100 April 2019 Technology Scientists InventThreads to Detect GasesWhen Woven Into Clothing Tufts University engineers have developed a novel fabrication method to create dyed threads that change color when they detect a variety of gases.The researchers demonstrated that the threads can be read visu- ally, or even more precisely by use of a smartphone camera, to detect changes of color due to analytes as low as 50 parts per million.Woven into clothing, smart, gas-detecting threads could provide a re- usable, washable, and afford- able safety asset in medical, workplace, military and rescue environments, they say. Reported by: NewsWise 2 April Sensing threads prepared with bromothymol blue (top thread), methyl red (middle thread) and MnTPP (bottom thread) are exposed to ammonia at 0 ppm (left panel) 50 ppm (middle panel) and 1000 ppm (right panel). Credit: Rachel Owyeung,Tufts University, Nano Lab