SensNews Aug 2019

Sensor100 August 2019 10 Technology Forecast -The Future of Sensors in Healthcare “Prediction,” goes an old Danish proverb,“is hazardous, especially about the future.” Commercialisation of new sensor technology depends on two things: a team of people willing to try and the necessary funds to make it happen. That depends on the judgment of the people concerned, managerial and financial. Success of the venture depends on market ac- ceptance of the product., which of course depends on a much wider group of people. Only rarely is the venture subjected to this wider scruti- ny at the early inception stage. At Sensors in Medicine 2019 we will use the conference delegates as an informed panel to look at three different sensor scenarios of the future: wearable sensors,AI and biomarkers. Like any forecast the results are unpredictable, but it will be an interesting first experiment, and should be an enjoyable session. We invite you to try your hand at predicting what sensor technology will be important in 2030: 2030 Sensor Survey