SensNews January 2019

21 Sensor100 January 2019 "Last week thousands of geeky people in terrible jumpers travelled to a massive electronics fair in Los Vegas to get all hot in their underpants over the latest breakthroughs in consu- mer technology. None of which is useful. And none of which will work." Jeremy Clarkson The Sunday Times, January 13, 2019 CES 2019 Contd... Some possibly less than useful technology: • Instant Pot added Google Assistant to its incredibly popular smart pressure cooker thing, so you can activate favourite recipes with a word, or have your casserole tell you the weather and local traffic conditions. • Lumi 2.0 smart toilet. Seriously who calls a toilet 'number 2'? As well as all the usual Alexa skills – playing music as you, er, relax, ordering, uh, pizza and so forth – this voice-activated khazi can also be flushed via voice commands.In addition there's all the usual stuff we've come to expect from a next-gen thunder box: heated seat, built-in cleaning spray and dryer, hands-free, motion-activated lid, foot warmer (!) and Hue-style LED lighting that can "change colour dynamically for a more immersive experience." • Only 3 years ago T3 gave small startup Ring an Editor's Choice award for its first 'smart' doorbell – a doorbell with a camera in it, linked to a smartphone app, so you can see who's a ringin' at your door. We didn't necessarily think it would ever be more than a small niche product, but in 2019 Ring is now owned by Amazon, and the smart chime business is booming. And chiming. • Luxury bedmaker Dux has teamed up with smart speaker brand Stellé to create a bed in which you can sleep with Alexa. Stellé's speaker is "discreetly mounted to the underside of the bed", which comes in queen, king and 'California king' sizes, with pricing from $4,000. "Design should create an emotional connection with the product and the brand," saidWayne Ludlum, president and co-founder, stellé. "And we're thrilled to collaborate with DUX to bring voice and technology into the bedroom." Obvious uses include dimming the lights and setting the temperature, and Dux also suggests using Alexa to call up your baby monitor feed on an Amazon Fire TV-enabled screen. Read more atT3 Smarter Living