SensNews January 2019

Sensor100 January 2019 22 New method uses ultraviolet light to control fluid flow and organize particles A new method uses ultraviolet light and small amounts of gold or titanium dioxide nanoparticles to gather lar- ger particles at the point of light.This method was used to gather polystyrene particles, which form a well-packed structure called a colloid crystal, as depicted in this image. Credit: Sen Lab, Penn State A new, simple, and inexpensive method that uses ultraviolet light to control particle motion and assembly within liquids could improve drug delivery, chemical sensors, and fluid pumps.The method encourages particles -- from plastic microbeads, to bacterial spores, to pollutants -- to gather and organize at a specific location within a liquid and, if desired, to move to new locations.A paper describing the new method appears in the journal Angewandte Chemie. Reported by: ScienceDaily 22 January