SensNews January 2019

Sensor100 January 2019 4 From the Editor... It seems unbelievable, to me at least, that January has come and gone already, a twelfth of 2019 over. If you made NewYear resolu- tions, no doubt you have broken them already. Which takes me neatly to the problem of forecasting the future of biosensors. At this time of year there are many predictions of what will be hot in 2019, AI getting most attention. But will it happen? Or will that turn out to be another technology which failed to fulfill its potential? We will know in a year or so. Medical devices have a very long lead time from lab to clinic or bedside or home use, so it should be possible to look at the many biosensor technologies and healthcare application now in various stages of development, and predict the winners. That is what we will try to do at Sensors in Medicine 2019 - come and join us, and if you have strong feelings as to what will be the disruptive biosensor technology of the future, let us know. As I write this at the end of January, the US is blanketed under a polar vortex with temperature down to -30 ºC, while Australia is in the middle of a heat wave at the opposite end of the scale, +35 ºC. Global warming enthusiasts can no doubt explain both phenomena. This month's pet peeve is on-line surveys. I seem to be inundated with more than the usual requests this month, so I am only answer- ing the ones which provide a meaningful prize to one lucky winner. Kind regards Michael Brand