SensNews Jul 2019

Sensor100 July 2019 4 From the Editor... Among the more interesting, and challenging, activities at Sensor100 is planning our annual conference Sensors in Medicine 2019. From choosing a date which neither clashes with all the other events and the academic year, to finding an available and suitable venue, to lining up speakers and exhibitors, and then marketing the Conference to as wide an audience as possible - it is a bit of a roller coater ride. We have an advisory committee, who are enormously helpful, and our speakers and delegates who continue to support us; heartfelt thanks to all of you. This year's innovation is to use you, our readers and Conference delegates, to participate in forecasting the use of sensors in health- care in 10 years time. That is actually not very long in medical in- novation terms, so the technology of 10+years is probably around today. But which innovative technology of today will make it to clinical and consumer use in 10 years? We want you to tell us. Enjoy the summer and we look forward to meeting you in London in September. Kind regards Michael Brand