SensNews Jul 2019

9 Sensor100 July 2019 Forecasting The Future of Sensors in Healthcare There is a massive research effort in developing sensors for healthcare applications - but which of them will lead to meaningful improvements in patient outcomes, preferably at lower cost? We don't know the answer, nor do the professional futurists with claims to academic rigour in their forecasting methods. The best we can do is rely on expert opinion, preferably a large number of experts. We are planning to try to use the wisdom of two crowds: 1. The Sensor100 mailing list 2. Delegates at Sensors in Medicine 2019 to get a collective view on which sensor developments will impact health- care in 10 years time (2030). During August we will launch an on-line survey to allow you to vote on a series of predicted developments - which will be viable in 10 yeaas time? At SiM19, we will present delegates with three different scenarios of how sensors might influence the healthcare future - and let the delegates choose which are the most likely. The results, after some analysis, will be made public. Sensor100 gratefully ac- knowledges the support of LifeArc Sensor100 Leads theWay Forward