SensNews March 2019

Sensor100 March 2019 32 Why Are Productive University Partnerships So Hard? 1. The purpose of university research is to generate knowledge, not value. 2. Tenure is to professors what exits are to start-ups. 3. Faculty members are not CEOs. 4. Be prepared for sticker shock. 5. "Lost time is never found again" – Benjamin Franklin. Is it worth it? Given the hardships, is a university partnership worth it? Yes, if you have the time to engage in collaboration, the relationship is valuable. Academic partners are better positioned to provide insights and approaches you may not have otherwise considered. Researchers, not beholden to the paycheck, are more likely question your assumptions, which is healthy at the right stage of development. If your academic partner is also a good mentor, you'll have access to a talent pool that might otherwise be hard to penetrate. Unless time is most important consideration! If that's the case, look elsewhere. Joe Hage, MedicalDevicesGroup , 25 March Full Solution