SensNews Oct 2019

Sensor100 October 2019 4 From the Editor... I'm writing this on November 5th - yes I know it's supposed to be done in October, but I'm running late, OK? UK readers will recognise November 5th as Guy Fawkes day, an an- nual celebration with bonfires and fireworks of the Gunpowder Plot in 1605, a failed attempt to blow up Parliament. The UK has a long memory or harbours grudges, but it is doubtful if many of today's revellers have much idea of the origins of the event, although given the current state of politics here, it has been remarked that blowing up the House of Commons might be a good idea. I remember on a school trip to the Tower of London seeing samples of Guido (Guy) Fawkes hand writing before and after he was tortured; gruesome. We are coming to the end of the conference season, although it is not quite over yet for 2019. We have started to compile our 2020 annual list of sensor related events, which will no doubt grow as event organisers send us more conference details. Kind regards Michael Brand