SensNews Sep 2019

Sensor100 September 2019 22 Technology Facebook Acquires CTRL-Labs for $500m Despite media speculation that Facebook is on an evil path to control its users minds - (more than it does already?) - in reality CTRL-Labs technology is more mundane. It is a wrist worn device which picks up electrical activity of muscles in the forearm and wrist and uses them to control a computer. The days when you need a keyboard for your PC, or a keypad for your mobile device, are possibly coming to an end? Read more: CTRL-Labs New Book -Wearable Bioelectronics Wearable Bioelectronics 1st Edition Editors:Anthony Turner Alberto Salleo Onur Parlak Paperback ISBN: 9780081024072 Imprint: Elsevier Published Date: 1st December 2019 Page Count: 350 See the Contents