15 SIMD University of Strathclyde About: SIMD Sector: MedTech; Sensor Tech Founded: 2006 Location: Glasgow UK Strathclyde Institute of Medical Devices (SIMD) is based within the University’s Technology and Innovation Centre (TIC) which is situated within the Glasgow City Innovation District (GCID). It is a business/clinical engagement and commercialisation vehicle for medical technologies, particularly sensors based, emerging from the University of Strathclyde - not least from its long established EPSRC funded Centre for Doctoral Training in Medical Devices and Health Technologies. SIMD’s role is to support the translation of MedTech R&D into com- mercial and clinical outcomes. To do this we draw on more than 100 experienced academics across a range of science, engineering and social science disciplines and a similar number of clinicians across a range of specialities. Finally, we facilitate industry and clinical collab- orations through leveraging appropriate funding mechanisms. Areas of Expertise: ¡ Point-of-Care Diagnostics ¡ Minimally Invasive Diagnostics ¡ Bioelectronics ¡ Wearable Technololgies ¡ Wound Diagnostics ¡ Transdermal Monitoring ¡ Infection Monitoring ¡ Telehealth Integration Contact: Dr.Alan Lindsay (Industrial Interface Manager) Mrs. Rena Currie (Administrator)