SensNews April 2020

Sensor100 2020 4 From the Editor... I am writing this, and I suspect most of you are reading it, from a home office. I have become used to working from home after our Nottingham office was unexpectedly closed last year, What started as a temporary measure, while we looked for an alternative, has morphed into a per- manent arrangement and while our house is still a bit cluttered with the accumulated detritus of an office, I doubt that we will ever move back into rented space. Small businesses don't need to burden themselves with overheads. Being in lockdown has not proved to be too much of a burden for us, although the days do all seem to blend into one. For most of our mar- riage, Suzanne and I have made a point of eating lunch out on Saturdays, and not being able to do so feels strange. At least we are all well, al- though sadly an elderly cousin of Suzanne's in NewYork has died of the virus, I suspect most of you are thinking about coronavirus (, so this Newsletter will be quite short and leaves out everything else - except to summarise the technology forecast exercise we did at Sensors in Medi- cine last September - what a different result we would get if we repeated that today. Be well, and respect to those of you toiling to reduce the impact of this pandemic virus. Kind regards Michael Brand