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Sensors in Medicine








Wednesday 11th September
08:30   Registration and coffee
09:00   Welcome and introduction
Wearable Sensor Technology
09:15   Wearables, Ingestibles, Invisibles: technology contributing to the IOT for Health
Dr. Chris Van Hoof, imec
10:00   Intelligent middleware connecting any wearable with any clinical use case
Thomas Olesen, Open Telehealth
10:30   Pending
11:00   Coffee break
11:30   Dermal tattoo sensors
Dr. Alli Yetisen, Imperial College London
12:00   The future of blood glucose monitoring
Dr. Sabih Chaudhry, Afon Technology
12:30   Pending
13:00   Lunch
Point of Care Technology
14:00   Designing ultrasensitive diagnostics for disease detection and cell exploratons
Prof. Molly Stevens FREng, Imperial College London
14:40   Q-PoC: Molecular Point of Care testing v2.0
Dr. Matthew Selby, QuantuMDx Group
15:00   From Lab on a Chip to Lab on a Patient-continuous, connected,automated blood gas analysis
Dr. Graham Broder, Sphere Medical
15:20   Molecular DNA Diagnostics using acoustic actuation
Dr. Julien Reboud, SAWDx
15:45   Tea break
16:15   Sensing pulsatility in biomaker levels: the lutenising hormone story
Prof. Tony Cass, Imperial College London
16:40   Point of care diagnostic device for the connected health
Dr. Samadhan Patil, University of Glasgow
17:00   Panel discussion: The Future of Sensors in Healthcare
Chair: Prof. Martyn Boutelle,
Imperial College London
18:00   Networking reception
20:00   Conference closes
Thursday 12th September
08:30   Registration and coffee
09:00   Welcome and Introduction
Sensors for Infectious Diseases
Chair: Dr. Timothy Rawson,
Imperial College London
09:15   i-sense: Harnessing Smartphones and Nanosensors for Early Disease Detection
Prof. Rachel McKendry, i-Sense & UCL
09:55   Low cost mobile-phone enabled DNA-based diagnostic platforms – applications for infectious disease detection in rural communities in Africa
Prof. Jonthan Cooper FREng FRSE, University of Glasgow
10:35   Enabling rapid diagnostics through engineering: miniaturising instrumentation for near patient applications
Dr. Rebecca Howard, TTP
11:00   Coffee break
11:30   Bringing biological content into Biochip and Biosensor systems
Dr. Andrew Sweet, Scienion
11:50   tba
12:10   Biosensors for sepsis and antimicrobial resistance: detecting host and pathogen biomarkers of infection
Dr. Damion Corrigan, Strathclyde University
12:35   Pending
13:00   Lunch
14:00   Minimally-invasive microneedle-based sensors for continuous closed-loop control of antimicrobials in vivo
Dr. Sally Gowers, Imperial College London
14:25   A point-of-care platform for rapid antibiotic susceptibility testing using electrical sensing
Dr. Hardik Pandya, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore
15:00   Tea break
Forecasting the Future of Sensors in Healthcare
15:30   Introduction to technology forecasting
Dr. Michael Brand, Sensor100
15:45   Three Future Scenarios:
    Completely wired
Dr. Michael Brand, Sensor100
    AI does it all
Dr. Chris Brand, University of Leicester
    Biomarker screening
Dr. Michael Brand, Sensor100
16:30   Voting
16:45   Concluding remarks and Poster Awards
17:00   Conference ends

Unavoidable changes in program may be made without prior announcment